Student Pavilion

Closing ceremony

On 22.September the Student Pavilion Summer School was officially closed. The closing ceremony attended USAID President Peter Duffy, who handed the certificates of participation to the […]

Haris Piplaš from ETH Zurich held a lecture

Haris Piplaš, landscape architect from Sarajevo, currently working at ETH Zurich, held a lecture at our Summer School. The topic was an urbanization of European cities […]

Poziv na izložbu “Swedish Fashion Stories” i predavanje prof.dr.Damira Marjanovića

Studenti Ljetne škole Studentski Paviljon pozivaju sve zainteresovane na izložbu “Swedish Fashion Stories” Švedske Ambasade u Sarajevu. Izložba se bavi pitanjima održive mode i prvi puta je […]

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Student Pavilion

Studenti iz cijele Bosne i Hercegovine učestvuju u izgradnji Studentskog paviljona



Student Design Competition

International Burch University in Sarajevo, in cooperation with „Sarajevo Green Design Foundation“, Embassy of France in Sarajevo, Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science of University of Sarajevo, „Sarajevo šume“ Company, „Cultural Heritage without Borders“ organization, Environmental Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, „Green Design Council“ association and companies „Neimari“ doo, „Sele“ doo and „BMM“ doo, launches construction project of temporary experimental and educational pavilion at campus.

Students pavilion in BiH made of natural and recycled materials such as stone, lime, clay, straw, recycled wood, recycled elements of the building such as windows and doors as well as alternative foundation elements made from recycled materials represent one unique building in Balkan region. Flexible space made of natural materials provide very healthy environment with high level of quality indoor condition. Pavilion is energy efficient and requires minimum energy for maintenance.

Pavilion as itself present the laboratory where students from diff erent faculties (architecture, forestry, agriculture, landscape design....) are able to share the experience, knowledge and innovative ideas all together. Beside students pavilion is open for citizens and pupils.

Idea of sharing laboratory now could be expended. Sharing laboratory becomes media where all citizen could share the space, organize joint meeting, exhibition, presentations, round tables discussions, fairs or concerts. Natural materials will provide to all users to feel very comfortable and safe. Users could use all the senses to feel very natural and pleasant.

Goals & Objectives

The main objective of this project is to gather students from architecture, forestry and agriculture faculties as well as other faculties with the scope of exploring, getting familiar and building with alternative materials such as straw, recycled wood, recycled elements of the building such as windows and doors as well as alternative foundation elements made from recycled materials.


The building will serve as the new student gathering space of IBU, to provide a welcoming, dynamic learning environment for showcasing the student’s work. The pavilion will be inclusive, contemporary and complementing to the existing structures.

The selection process was launched in May with the first stage, which took the form of a preliminary sketch ideas open to all IBU undergraduate students. During the Stage 2 the jury panel was able to select 12 shortlisted candidates, judged to have produced the best response to the Competition Brief, who have been invited to develop further proposals. Shortlisted authors were grouped into three architect teams. Members of the Judging Panel took into special consideration the following: originality of the proposed concept, ability to respond to the demands of the project brief, possibility of the proposal realization with alternative materials and energy efficiency.


The Judging Panel which evaluated the design submissions included three experts in the energy efficiency and alternative materials design, two engineers, two designers and one expert in the traditional design methods:

Prof. Ljubomir Mišcević


Ljubomir Miščević is full professor at Faculty of Architecture at University of Zagreb. Since 1979 he has been working in the Institute of Architecture and as associate at the Department of Architectural Design.

Prof. Mirza Dautbašić


Prof. Dr. Mirza Dautbašić is the dean and proffesor of Faculty of Forestry, University of Sarajevo.

M.Sc. Ognjen Šukalo


Ognjen Šukalo M. Arch, works at Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy University of Banja Luka.

Arijana Mandić


Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders

Donato Giuliani

general director of French Institute

Born in 1960, Donato GIULIANI has followed History at the University of Lille, and has been graduated by the University of Lyon and European Diploma of Cultural Development (Fondation Marcel Hicter & Council of Europe).

Zenit Đozić

famous actor and producer

Zenit Đozić (born 8 October 1961 in Bugojno, is a Bosnian actor, humoristand television producer. He started his entertainment career as early drummer of rock band Zabranjeno Pušenje, and formed Top lista nadrealista.

Assist. Prof. Sanela Klarić



Assist. Prof. Sanin Džidić



Assist. Prof. Dina Šamić



Mensur Demir



Project Team

In the project are included students from Department of Architecture, IT, Genetics , International Relations, and Faculty of Economy from Burch University as well as students from Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science, form University of Sarajevo.

Atif Kotorić

Web Team


Esma Hećimović

Web Team


Almir Rekanović

Web Team, Team Leader


Venan Osmić

Web Team


Irma Karić

Building Team, Team leader

Semra Hasić

Summer School Team

Ruba Almonajed

Building Team

Munir Halvadžija

Web Team

Ajla Ćatić

Summer School Team

Dženita Čizmić

Fund raising Team

Dina Lasic

Building Team

Šefko Hadžić

Summer School Team

Amina Talic

Summer School Team